Furnace Thermostat Replacement

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Furnace Thermostat Replacement

I have a 2001 16' Scamp and would like to replace the existing (original thermostat is a Suburban mfg) thermostat just for the furnace.  I would like to replace with a one with a digital display.that also has a master on/off swithc  Any good experience or suggestions??




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Thermostat ?

We have a 13' 2017 with digital thermostat it works good but heater still is all heat or a little cold. i think its just the way it is no mater what you have. When at camp grounds with hookups we use an electric heater and its more consistent for keeping Scamp at a livable temp.

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If you are looking for a

If you are looking for a direct replacement, i believe the popular one most people go with is this one 

I have seen the same thermostate branded as Emerson and White Rogers so I believe they are one in the same.


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Honeywell Pro 1000

I have had good luck with the Honeywell Pro 1000 (heat only). Make sure you carry extra fresh batteries. Very good install video. (not me) It can be bought from Amazon.