Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer Manufacturer Official Websites:

  1. Scamp Travel Trailers - This is the Official Scamp product line. Scamps come in 13', 16' and 19' 5th wheel combinations. Scamp Trailers are very lightweight trailers and can be towed with small cars. The Scamp 13' weighs 950 pounds before options.

Resale used molded fiberglass travel trailers (all brands):


Over the years, most Molded fiberglass travel trailer manufacturers have not followed the traditional dealer network system of selling their trailers, instead selling only directly to the public.  Below are a listing of the major current and "out of business" molded fiberglass trailer manufacturer websites.  There are a number of other brands that were often licensing agreements to sell one of the major brands below under a different name. 

Currently Manufacturing New Fiberglass Trailers:

Out of Business:

  • Boler
  • Burro Trailers (Out of Business 2000)
  • Fiber Stream
  • Uhaul Campers (Only produced in 1984 and 1985)

    f you are aware of any updates or additional molded fiberglass manufacturers please email us at so we can be the most complete and up-to-date resource.