Winter Cover for 16 ft Scamp

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Winter Cover for 16 ft Scamp

We are looking for recommendations on covers for our 2016 16 Ft. Deluxe with roof air conditioner and fan.   Does one just use the factory specs for determining size?  It seems some recommendations advise ignoring the fact the air conditioner is there. Also - are tire covers recommended?

What size and brand have others found to do the job?


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Winter Cover

The Calmark is the top of the line, about $600. Others are around $100, do not use a plastic tarp, it will wear the gel coat. My plastic tarp is over the cover, that is over furniture blankets.


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Scamp added Covers to their site

I noticed the you can purchase Covers directly from Scamp.  It looks like they sell them for 13' and 16', and they are priced at $150.

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I just ordered a 13'

I just ordered a 13' yesterday from their website.  I'll report back with build quality once they're in stock!  When I picked up my camper Monday morning (Nov 13) from Backus, they were sold out of the 13' covers and said they were about a week out.

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I just order one for our 16'

I just order one for our 16' Scamp which we will be receiving this week.  I'll also report back on it!  We're very anxious for spring now (as if I needed another reason to be).


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We’ll definitely get this added to our Resources section, wonder who is making these for them. I bet they’ll sell more covers than trailers.

Those who have ordered, what did they charge you for shipping?

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16 ft cover

the door cover for 16 ft does not fit door well door open is 2 ft off where it should be zipper is in center of door was not happy and contacted scamp pic to follow

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16 Cover

I bought the same one off of amazon for my 16ft same issue but cheaper than Scamp charges and free shipping. I can still get in the door. I have the smaller one for my 13ft and it fits nice 2nd year for that one. MN winters.

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Covers for Scamp

We have a 16' Std with roof antenna, AC, and fan hood.  Just put on my new Calmark cover yesterday and it fits perfectly over everything and the door opening is right on.  Jane was impressed!  They charged me just over $500 which I hope is a multiyear investment. 

If I didn't have all that stuff up on top, I'd definitely go with one I found on Amazon which does look exactly like Scamp's photo and I think is the one Loriski mentioned.

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Calmark for Scamp

Calmark knows Scamps and asks all the correct questions when you order. Size, do you have air conditioning, Tv antenna, what kind of vent? The door opening is wider than the door so even if you put it on a little catawampus it still lets you in. It cost more that the cover for my Jayco 5th wheel, but I like it so far.