When it's time to Sell the Scamp

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When it's time to Sell the Scamp

How about a Luxury RV with a rooftop hot tub and helicopter pad??



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Airstream made a motorhome

Airstream made a motorhome called the "sky" something with a roof deck, and I could be fine with that or maybe a Prevost as I am not that particular.   In KS, we would have liquidate our assets to pay the sales tax, registration and personal property taxes.  That actually is a reason we have held off purchasing another RV at this point deciding whether we want to let KS taxes continue to deplete our pockets.

Sizing up?  Sizing down?  It has been interesting over the years to see people going molded fiberglass in both situations, and then you have so many reasons that people make the choice.  


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that roof top hot tub

well that roof top hot tub sold me! lets just run right out and order one :-) tho i am wondering where exactly it goes when traveling

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