Water heater access pannel rust

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Water heater access pannel rust

I'm in the middle of renovating our 19'.  We have taken out all the dinette, water, electrical box and cabinetry.  I'm looking at my water heater and the exterior access has a hole rusted clean through about an inch across.  Is the "flange" that connects the heater to the trailer a replaceable part or is it time for a whole new unit?  It looks like I can replace the whole unit from the outside of the trailer.  Is there any reason why I should do it NOW while the cabinets are out?  Can I patch it and replace it later?  We have a 2000 19 deluxe.  Gas only, I'm assuming it is the same as wat they are still putting in it today.  Atwood G6A-7.  I'm not opposed to replacing it but if it is just a matter of replacing the flange that'd be great.  

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Water Heater Door

Common replacement part. I believe this is the one for the Atwood G6A-7 but you'll need to verify.

You can replace the door any time at your convenience, all done outside.


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