Sliding window repair

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Sliding window repair

Hello - Several of the window seals on my 2006 Scamp have pulled back.  I've not tested them for leaks but I can't imagine they would hold out water for long if tested.  Some pics are here:

Is this something that can be repaired by getting parts from the Scamp store, or is it more extensive?

Thanks in advance!

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Window gaskets

I just push them back in with my thumbs. Seems to work.

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We noticed the difference between our 2013's gaskets and a friend's 2004.  They seem to have "shrunk"--see where yours don't quite butt up together at the ends?  Her window was leaking, not sure if it was the gasket or not.  My husband gooped it up with silicone sealer as a temporary fix, and I think she had the gasket replaced at an RV dealership.

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Window Gaskets

I would try contacting Hehr the window manufacturer. I'm sure they are aware of this problem and may have a good fix.