Screen tents: good, bad, ugly

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Screen tents: good, bad, ugly

I see from photos here and there that some of us use screen tents. I don't really want to add yet another piece of equipment to my Stuff - I'm such a minimalist - but when I went camping last August the mosquitos were so vicious that my dog Pearl and I could not be outside at all unless we were on the move, as in hiking. She's a senior citizen with no ACL in one knee, so spending a lot of time walking is out of the question for her. I have to go alone on the longer hikes. And since she's a big dog - German Shepherd - having to be inside my 13' with minimal ability to get up and walk around (hanging out on the main bed, though it's relatively spacious compared to any crate or kennel, doesn't really count) is just not quite enough for a two or three hour stint.

So we need a little more space, outdoors, protected from the disease-bearing biters, with room for Pearl to stretch out full length if she wants to, or get up and take a few steps in one direction, without having to be on a leash. As for me, I'll probably bring my "zero gravity" lounge chair along, for true kicking back. We both need to fit inside.

I'm looking at this Clam model

​Anybody have any comments, re using this or any other such screened room at a Scamping site?

Alternative suggestions? My priorities are mosquito-proof, less weight, interior can be protected from rain/cold breezes (when it's not mosquito weather cold is more often a problem than heat in the northern half of Minnesota), ease of set-up/take-down, and bang-for-the-buck space, in that order. Anything to *definitely* avoid ("ugly")? Please say so. 

And of course any comments or stories anyone has about how they've spent time in these kinds of units would be most welcome. Delights, disasters, unanticipated whatevers. Assist my imagination!




Duane M. Rykhus
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Screen tent

Like you i real do not want another thing to bring with but i to have been looking at screen tents.  Clam is top choice but pricey the other one i have been thinking about is a 10 by 10 for under $100 it will take more time to set up but we are not using it at every camp site we stay at.

Have Scamp will travel !

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Clam quickset

I have this one.   First time I used it I sat it on the ground wrong side up, I'm getting better, but still not as fast as the video. There are several brands and models of this type of screen tent order carefully.


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Screen tent

I bought a 10x10 at Ocean State Job Lot. Under $100.00.It's all in one piece. Lay it out and extend the arms and it is up. Been using this one for several years and would buy another. Can't remember the brand. It is packed away for the winter.

Anthony Memoli

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We have an old lightweight

We have an old lightweight nylon tent, which is adequate for our occasional use.  But I have looked at newer ones.  I like the idea (and I have found a few) that can be used simply as a screened canopy, as for picnicking...but also have solid (drop-down) wall panels that convert the screened room into an enclosed tent.

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Ok, let see, we have the clam

Ok, let see, we have the clam model , Worked like a charm for our Golden, (Since passed away) She just sat there like she was the cats meow. Looked all around 360* view . She just loved it.  Never let her be unattended though, ya just never know. We now have a cocapoo pup. Really jumpy at this stage, but will settle down after a time. It folds up easy and fits in its carrying bag fine , no trouble. It sets up easy, staking it down takes some time depending on type of ground. We tow it on the floor of our 16' scamp. fits flat, just right, weighs 34#. We have a RAv4 tow and it is just to small with every thing in there such as the dog kennel and what not, so goes in the scamp. Kinda of tricky to get t in and out but it is only once per camp site. We have the panels, Xs  two , to get five sides and one extra. never had the need to use them yet , but we will. OK, that all i can think of for now.  Carl