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Screen Room

I have not seen one of these in person but it looks like it may make a nice semi attached screen room for a Scamp 13. They also make a free standing unit for $100 more.


Free standing tent.


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Really like our Clam Screen Room

We added the exact Clam Screen Room you are looking at to our Scamping equipment.  The design has no loose poles and is very quick and easy to set up.  Perfect for getting away from the bugs, and it also provides protection from rain and sun.  We are very happy with it.

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Last fall we bought the Rhino Rack Awning and the Rhino Rack Mesh Room.  So far, we are very pleased with them.  Had to make my own brackets for the awning, no biggy.


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I have the Clam which is big

I have the Clam which is big enough to fit over a picnic table. Once you figure it out, it's surprisingly easy to set up and put away, even by yourself.