Relocating the Shower Pump on the Scamp 13

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Relocating the Shower Pump on the Scamp 13

One annoying thing about our recently bought 2016 Scamp 13 was the location of shower pump. It was the lowest point on the trailer and I could see it being sheared off going over a curb or on a rough road if I we weren't super careful. I searched and found that this was a common complaint, and a couple of posts said that they had moved the pump a foot or so towards the driver's side under the toilet area where there was a nice protective space. So I looked and yes, there was a great space for it, so I decided to give it a try..

Actually the job turned out to be fairly simple, once I figured out the pump placement and fittings. Here's a picture of the old pump location underneath the shower tub (the hoses have been removed).

Here's the new location underneath the toilet area.

Here's a bottom view of the new pump mounting (the front of the trailer is towards the right of the picture).


Here's what i needed for this project, most of which I got at Lowe's and at an auto parts store.
 - 3/4" ID, 1" OD reinforced vinyl tubing
 - 2, 1/2" plastic threaded elbow connectors
 - #2 square head drill bit to remove the steel strap mounting screws
 - 1/2" Phillips pan head screws to mount steel strap and cable clamps
 - awl for starting new screws in plywood floor
 - #16 or thicker electrical wire for extending wiring
 - butt connectors, crimper, heat shrink tubing
 - cable clamps

The pump is mounted on rubber feet with Phillips head screws. You can use these same screws for the new location, so leave them on the rubber feet when you remove the pump, they will self tap into the floor at the new location. BTW, the floors are 3/4" thick, so make sure to use screws 5/8" or less when you mount new stuff. After removing the pump, take off the hose adapters from the pump inlet and outlet and screw on the elbow connectors, then screw on the hose adapters to the elbows. After mounting the pump, run the new hose from the filter to the pump inlet, then cut the existing hose going to the waste water tank to the right length. The only thing left is to lengthen the existing wiring using butt connectors, heat shrink tubing, and cable clamps. If you're not familiar with wiring, there's plenty of videos that can help.