Refrigerator Start (propane)

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Refrigerator Start (propane)

Purchased a 16' Scamp that had been stored for many years.  In process of verifyiing everything works.  Refrigerator is both 120 volt and propane.  Works great with electric but having trouble with propane.  I purged the gas lines with the stove and know I have gas pressure. long do you hold the gas valve in to insure gas to refrigerator burner??  Also any way to verify spark generator is working???





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Fridge Start

I've given up on the spark and use a butane lighter. You can see the little blue fridge flame at night, but during the day I insert the butane lighter with gas on - flame off to see if the fridge lights it.


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Propane Fridge

You have to click the igniter TWO times fast. It is hard to get the fridge to light with just a single click. It is very hard to see the flame in the day time. I use my nose! There is distinct oder to propane burning and the air will be slightly warm around the upper louvers. 30 seconds should be enough time to hold the valve down.

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Two things that I found, the

Two things that I found, the pilot knob is difficult to depress, and needs to be pulled back out when being released (I should probably get this replaced). Also, as others have said, the igniter has never worked for me, I use one of the long butane lighters. The flame is very difficult to see in daylight, so I too depend on feeling the air coming out of the upper vent above the flame to confirm that the refrigerator is ignited.

I have also heard of folks who had to depress the pilot knob for quite extended period to get the gas flowing to the refrigerator, even though the stove would light normally.

Final suggestion would be that perhaps the gas orifice needs a through cleaning, it could be plugged. I was told early on, that if the refrigerator works on electric, it SHOULD work on gas just fine - once you get the gas to light. Always a catch 22.

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Stored for many years

As I see it, the key words in you question are "stored for many years."  That bit of information means that a full propane system inspection is called for. For one thing, corrosion in the system is very possible.  For another thing, a regulator that has been stored for years has a good chance of being faulty. It might supply plenty of pressure for the stove but not for the fridge which I believe has a smaller range of pressure under which it will function. In addition to the article linked to above, this video covers the testing you want done:

As for how long it takes for the gas to travel all the way to the fridge, that depends.. on my 16 footer the fridge is at the end of the (propane) line and even after bleeding gas at the stove, it can take a few minutes.  I hold the valve open for 15 seconds at a time, hitting the igniter every 3 seconds.. then if it does not light, wait  minute in case unburned gas is in the compartment, then repeat.

I can see the spark in the viewing window if it is dark enough.  I do need to shut the door, and pull the drapes shut as well as have the gravel cover on.

By the way, its helps if you include make and model number of things like a fridge when you ask a question about them.