Proven Industries Coupler lock

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Proven Industries Coupler lock

Has anyone tried the Proven Industries Coupler Lock? Its $195. The company has videos out showing how easy it is with a pry bar to remove the common MasterLock and Reese coupler locks many trailer use. Theres is much better as it appears. Made in USA with steel.  If you have one, which model works on Scamps? I'm wondering which one works on older Scamps with 1 7/8"?   

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Hitch Locks

In my opinion, having the best lock ever built will not keep someone who wants your Scamp from stealing it.

They can simply use the chains to attach the Scamp to their hitch ball and away they go !!!!!

Your best protection is a Very Good Insurance policy.

Sometimes, having a really good lock on something attracts the thieves. It makes them want to steal your stuff just to prove they can.

Heck, I bet some thieves would just steal your lock for the fun of it !!!

As Always,

Happy Scamping !!!

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I forgot to mention the great

I forgot to mention the great thing about this lock is that it secures away the safety chains up into it's cavity as well. With this lock the only way I see your camper can be stolen is if its winched up onto another vehicle or flat bed.  I just could not believe how easily and quickly the guy pried the typical Reese and MasterLock etc brand coupler locks off with a common crow bar. 

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That is a very good lock and many of the Escape trailer Owners have purchased this lock. Theft of these trailers is very rare because they are too easy to spot and our network has it out all over the country in minutes. The Scamp that was recently stolen was found within a week. I think over the years I've only heard of two or three of these trailers being stolen.

If one wants a lock this would be a good choice. I would highly recommend good insurance first and then if you feel the need to add a lock something like this.

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