Plastic Water Lines

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Plastic Water Lines

Does any one know what ":type" of plastic water lines were installed in 203 Scamp13?. The fittings are crimped and the plastic lines are pretty ridged.



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Pex plumbing

I haven’t seen under the hood of the new Scamps, but most all mfgrs have gone to Pex for the plumbing which is a plastic type tube with crimped connections similar to what you describe. It is much more durable, but does require a special crimping tool if you need to replace lines.

I’m sure someone with a new model will jump in here to confirm, but I suspect that’s what ur looking at.

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Perhaps this link will assist
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203?   2003 maybe?  I don't know when the switch was made but the latest Scamp's have Uponor ProPEX. Before that, standard PEX. Before that I do not know.  Compare yours to these photos:

Uponor ProPEX using fittings that require a (>$400) tool that expands the rings.  Then you quickly assembly the fitting / pipe and the ring re-compresses to make a seal.  Not many plumbers around where I live use it so I did my work with standard copper crimp rings for PEX and so far so good. The crimp tool for copper rings is much easier to find or rent  borrow. Lots of info online on how to do it, check it with a Go/NoGo gauge, etc.

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Yes, even our Lance has PEX

Yes, even our Lance has PEX tubing, even used in the space station way up there!

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