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Outside Shower

I am curious, has anyone installed an outside shower system in their Scamp.  I've ordered a Scamp 13 without the bathroom as I prefer that layout.  Porta potti is fine for our needs but I'm exploring external showering options that might be used occasionally when not staying at a full service park or for rinsing off the dog.

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Low tech "shower"

It may be less of a solution than you are looking for, but you can search for "garden sprayer shower" on the web and find lots of plans for modifying a new pump garden sprayer by adding a different spray head to create a portable shower. Add hot water, pump the sprayer, and you have a warm shower. I have used mine to clean off muddy dogs before we load back into the car and it is a simple fast way of getting that done. Winterizing is as simple as putting it in my basement before cold weather hits.


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Solar Shower

Coleman Shower-Heater - or similar type like Zodi

Outside shower tent

Should be enough to start getting some ideas of the direction to go.

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Portable Shower

For showers or just cleaning up we try to hit a camp grounds every three days, use the river if available or we bring our portable shower it is rechargeable any bucket will work or just drop it in the river to wash off with its also good for washing off the dogs. Can not remember where we purchase it but i think it was $30 my be $40 brand name Ivation.

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I have thought about this as

I have thought about this as well and plan on just using a shower tent and adding a shower wand with a shutoff to the scamp sink faucet and just pulling it out of the window. Seems to me that would work and provide warm water if you have a water heater. 


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We use a shower tent and solar shower bag, it feels great after a day playing. If there is no sun you can heat some water.

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I was thinking along the same

I was thinking along the same lines, but wasn't sure how the screen comes off of the window by the kitchen area on the new Scamps.  I was looking at one this last weekend and the window cranks out but the screen seems pretty fixed from the inside.  Can you pop it in from the outside with the window cranked open?


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On our 2015 Scamp the screen is held in by little spring clips. It can be taken out fairly easily. My concern with the shower thing is that the standard Scamp faucet is not very good for hooking a hose to. It might be worth the extra work/cost to install a faucet, with hose thread, on the outside of your trailer.