Outback electronics

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Outback electronics

This is a question for Scampers who tow with a Subaru Outback - preferably 2016 or newer:

1. Have you installed a voltage isolator ?

2. Have you had alternator or battery problems. 

The dealer installed an isolator for us, but had problems doing it. Twice since our battery has died while going down the road. The alternator produces power, but it does not go to the battery. The dealer’s solution was to disconnect th isolator.


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outback electronics

We had a 2012, V6 outback to tow our 13' last summer out west for 6 weeks. The RV installer of our "7-pin" (in quotes because it turned out it was actually a 4 pin) would not install the power wire b/c they already damaged the electronics in a suby. While out west I stopped at 2 different suby dealers in MT, KS, and asked 2 dealers in VA and each one said they would not wire a 7-pin because the suby is not made for towing anything more than utility trailer. We traded our suby for a Kia Sorento and have never been happier. And there is the pesky hitch weight issue with the suby.

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Battery Isolator

A battery isolator uses hefty diodes (one way electrical valves) to send the alternator power to the trailer and the car independent of each other, so you won't drain your car battery while the trailer is connected and parked. This works but drops the voltage in the process. In the old days, you would wire the voltage regulator to the isolator output to adjust for the loss. New cars usually have internally regulated alternators so the voltage is correct before the isolator but not after. The solution is to wire the trailer through a relay so power is only supplied while the car is running. A work around is to unplug the trailer when you park.


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I have a 2017 6 cyl Outback pulling a 16 ft Scamp installed with a 7 pin. I have traveled across the country and have had no problems at all.