older scamp frames have single square beam on one side?

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older scamp frames have single square beam on one side?

I've been looking at another used Scamp that was built in the 80's. I was wondering when looking at the undercarriage if it is normal for the older Scamps made in the 80's to have a single additional square tube beam welded with the frame long ways on only one side of the frame? That being the door side. Could this likely be a sign of later welded reinforcement due to an aging or cracked frame? Naturally the current owner doesn't know. The frame & undercarriage looks to be in good shape with no bends or cracks. Just typical surface rust. The odd beam appears to be original, if not done early on as it looks like it should be there, yet the opposite side doesn't have the same beam along the main frame. Is everything normally symmetrical when looking underneath an old Scamp or did the door side have this additional reinforcement from the factory? I cannot locate any clear photos online of a 80's Scamp undercarriage to verify. Thank you

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Drop floor


    The main floor of all Scamps are mounted to the bottom of the frame rails. The rear and side floors are mounted to the top of the frame. When you go through the door the vertical frame rail has been cut out and piece of frame tubing is laid on it's side and welded to the vertical frame rail pieces below the doorway opening to tie the frame together and support the door walkway.