Newbie needing opinions

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Newbie needing opinions

My husband and I have been camping with pop-ups for the past 22 years and have started to think of going to a hardside.  The Scamp 19 appeals to us because of the size, the weight, and the unique look.  

This one caught our eye in a nearby town and we're waiting to hear back from the sellers.

We welcome any thoughts, ideas, opinions....both good and bad!  I thought it was unusual that it comes with no bathroom at all (rather, it looks like just a closet where the bathroom would be) but I guess that's how someone originally ordered it, because it looks like factory finish in the "bathroom" area.  That doesn't bother us, as we've never had a bathroom in any of our pop-ups.  Also doesn't look like any furnace that I can see.  The lack of those two items makes me wonder if they are asking a little high?  I know they have had it listed for more than a couple months before we found it.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and starting down this Scamp road!  smiley

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Searching for Scamp

Not enough info to really comment on this particular one, but I'd highly recommend you search through our sister for sale site.

We have a scam alert section with recent scams and methodologies the Scammers use and while we're not perfect we recognize and filter our ads for bad apples.

There is also an excellent SOLD archive so you can get an idea if pricing is in the ballpark for trailers.

In addition, there are lots of tips on how to buy and procedures that will help protect both sellers and buyers through the process.

Good luck in your search...

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Excellent info, thanks Greg!

Excellent info, thanks Greg!

New to the Scamp hunt!

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That link appears to be

That link appears to be expired (either pulled or sold, I guess). We really like our Scamp19 5th wheel. The bed is always made in the loft, plenty of storage, rock solid (stable) when towing, so if you have a truck, go for it. Be aware of the differences between the standard and deluxe. The standard is more open, the deluxe has the shower/bathroom separating the "upstairs" from the "downstairs". The airflow between the downstairs and the loft is blocked off by it, but the bed is out of sight during the day. Some people, myself included, installed DC fans to help move the air. The standard bathroom is very small, on the port (driver) side, the deluxe bathroom is decent size, in the forward area of the downstairs.

You speak about the hardside vs. the softside campers. The hardside has some advantages, some campgrounds in the so called bear country do not want the soft side trailers. On the other hand, most (probably all) campgrounds in the bear country have the metal bear proof boxes at every site.

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