New axle??

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New axle??

Im very new to scamps,  just bought 13ft project,  it’s ready for camping, but I want it in tip top shape before I leave on a trip.  I left on a motorcycle trip, planned two weeks ended up being gone for 13 months.   I may never come back if I’m enjoying myself.  So I want it perfect.  What do I need to know about axles,  the wheels have been recently been packed, tires , brakes?  Do I need them?  I am towing the scamp with  a Mazda Tribute, 2005, it has the small hitch not the 2” square hitch.  

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I see it is a 1978 13 Scamp. If you can determine that the axle has never been replaced then it is definitely time. They generally have a life span of 15-20 years for torsion axles. Some go sooner, some later. Here is my axle experience on our 81 Scamp 13.

The towing capacity of a 2005 Mazda Tribute is 1500 lbs which is really not robust enough to leave any safety margin. Our 1981 Scamp 13 loaded for a month on the road came in at almost 1900 lbs which would blow by the Mazda's towing capacity. The other factor is hitch weight which would probably come in too heavy for the Mazda as well. If you are going to proceed to tow with the Mazda I'd definitely get brakes on the Scamp. If you change axles you can order the new Dexter axle equipped with brakes.

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Jack up trailer ,pull wheel,the arm off the axle should point down anywhere from 15-25 deg.if it is pointed up plan on a new axle.