Looking to see 13 ft with bathroom and small bed

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Looking to see 13 ft with bathroom and small bed

Hello! I am a travel nurse starting to look into scamps, currently in Denver, does anyone in the Denver area have a 13ft with the bathroom and small bed option for me to see? I just saw the 13 foot with big bed option but would love to see both before I decide which to purchase (thinking of buying new) 

Anthony Memoli
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Call Scamp!

Call Scamp and let them know you are interested in purchasing a camper but would like to see one in your area. They have a list of contacts who have agreed to show their Scamps to prospective buyers.

Anthony Memoli

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Scamp trailers should have someone in the area.

There a a number of SOI Members in the Denver area as well, so hopefully someone will chime in here to let you come tour.

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Size of big bed

I’m just curious, what are the sizes of the “big” bed and the smaller bed?  Is the “big” bed really a standard full-size or more like a larger twin size?

Sharon W