Looking for a Scamp

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Mark Chamlee
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Looking for a Scamp

Hi guys my wife and I are new to this site. We're actually in the market for a Scamp probably 16 foot would this be the place to ask if anyone is selling one or do I need to be directed somewhere else we live in Florida so it's kind of hard for us to go to Minnesota to the factory if anyone could lend a hand that would be appreciated

Greg A
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Looking for Scamp

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

I'd highly recommend you search through our sister for sale site.


We have a scam alert section with recent scams and methodologies the Scammers use and while we're not perfect we recognize and filter our ads for bad apples.

There is also an excellent SOLD archive so you can get an idea if pricing is in the ballpark for trailers.


In addition, there are lots of tips on how to buy and procedures that will help protect both sellers and buyers through the process.

Good luck in your search...

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