Leaking side windows

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Leaking side windows

Help, we,are renovating a 1986 Scamp. We painted the outside,and are starting on the inside. Up to this point the camper was inside a carport . Now we have it outside and 2 of the rear side windows are leaking. Any advice .

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Not sure which windows we're dealing with as they used many types. Our 81 side windows were riveted with butyl and you removed cleaned put fresh butyl tape and reset.

Get us some pics of the windows and we'll be able to give you more targeted help.

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86 side rear side window reseal

An 86 should have Hehr black radius frame windows. The first thing to check is to make sure the drains are clean. There two rectangular drain holes on each window, you need to make sure they are clean and drain properly. If that checks good and they drain, the windows will need to be reseated. On those windows taking the inside trim ring off will normally let you remove the windows. On the mid 80's trailers Scamp also pop riveted the frame to the shell if so the pop rivets  will have to be drilled out.

Once the window is out clean up the frame and trailer. Butyl tape works best for resealing the windows. They sell a black 1" wide butyl tape for sealing these windows. I have only found this behind the counter at RV shops. (The 3/4" grey butyl tape is usually too narrow for windows.)  If the window goes in the same hole the pop rivet holes helps align the windows. If no rivets just center and re install the inside clamping ring.

If pop rivets were used they are more than likely 9/64 pop rivets. 5/32 rivets will work. You should be able to order them from Scamp since they are not a common size.

Good luck Eddie