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Help Please

So I decided to restore my dad's 1984 16' scamp.  Unfortunately, I over did in during demolition phase & I ripped the entire floor out before creating a template of it's shape.  So now I am struggling to re-install a new floor.  Any ideas?

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I use a sheet of lauan. I cut it to lay on the frame rails and get within an inch or so of the walls. I attach the lauan to the frame with a couple of screws and put reference marks on the lauan and riser edge. Get some stiff cardboard (not corrugated) cut a bunch of pieces 2" long 1" wide on one end 1/2" on the other. Get a hot glue gun and glue the cardboard tabs to the lauan just touching the wall. Us this as your template and I use 5/8" plywood for the floor. Transfer your alignment marks if needed. I never remove the complete floor. I do one section at a time.

Good luck