Gelcoat defects

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Gelcoat defects

We took delivery of our new Scamp 16 in late April. I have finally gotten around to washing and shining it. On the roof, which I had not had a good look at I found 2 long deep cracks. I am assuming they are in the gelcoat. What can/should I do with these to preserve the value of the trailer and prrevent any further deterioration?

Sorry for the rotated images. #1 is adjacent to the bathroom vent, 2 and 3 are behind the AC. I have to believe that someone saw them there.


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How disappointing!

If this is a 2018 Scamp and you're under warranty, that should be worth a call to Eveland's. They are pretty responsive and they ought to pay for a professional in your area to address those. Good luck.