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Fridge question

Hi fellow Scampers,

  I just bought a 2005 13' Scamp.  Super excited to go camping with my wife and the baby in 2 weeks.  I'm pretty new to trialers and RV's and electricity in general so my question concerns the refrigerator and the batter I currently have.  So my main goal is not to run out of batter during the 2 nights and 2 days of camping.  I just bought a brand new 12V battery and am apprehensive about turning the fridge on during our trip.  Since we have a baby having a working fridge is essential but also not running out of battery is too.  I'm also not sure if the fridge runs on gas and electricity or just electricity.  Someone had told me that the fridge would drain my battery in half day so any advice would be much appreciated.


Thank you

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Fridge Best Practices

Cool fridge the day before on 110AC. Load it with cold things.
It will stay cold without power while driving two hours or less. Driving further: turn on 12V after two hours, off again two hours later. Repeat as needed for travel. It will deplete battery if left on constantly.
Upon arrival, start fridge again on 110AC if plugged in or use propane if power is not available.
Have fun with your new Scamp. We've loved ours since it was new in 2006.

Lynn and Pam

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Fridge best practices

Hi Lynn and Pam,

  Thanks for helping out!  Sounds like a good tactic.  What I did not know is that the fridge can also run on propane!  So If I run out of battery I can only run on propane?



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Cool food

I hope your first trip goes smoothly! You can always do some driveway camping to test things out. How long your battery lasts will depend on what you're asking it to run. Mine only runs the fan, lights, and charges my phone. I don't have a water pump. Running the refrigerator on the battery when you are stopped isn't a practical option because it will draw too much power. I mostly use propane to run mine since I'm rarely camping with electric hook-ups. Works great. 

If you've been a tent camper before, remember that you can always treat your Scamp like a glorified tent if you run out of all your power sources. Add a little ice to the refrigerator and you have a cooler! (Although it isn't as good at being a cooler as a real cooler.)

Happy camping!