Fixing Up the Scamp

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Fixing Up the Scamp

I bought my 1992 16' Scamp last fall.  Scrubbed outside, replaced part of the floor including sub floor, built some overhead storage, a few new lights, new cabinet pulls, repaired broken table, tv with mount, canvas covers for vents, step box, etc.  Still lots to do before I take it out for first time the first week of April.  I'm just learning how to post.  Sorry if I have messed it up.  interior_2.pdf     scamp1.pdf   microwave.pdf       interior_3.pdf       interior_4.pdf     interior_5.pdf     watercolor.pdf

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Looking good!

Looking good!

Anthony Memoli

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Fixing up the Scamp

Awesome!  The microwave was a great final touch!  You did a lot of work over the winter.  Have fun in April!

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Cabinet Knobs


  This is looking so good! I love all that you did -- microwave and the great use of the space between the closet/pantry and upper cabinet with that light. And then of course I loved the extra touch of the cute cabinet knobs!

Hoping your adventures are wonderful,
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Nice colors

Like the blue, looks very unique and homey.


So happy for our new Casita. Thanks for making us feel so welcome.
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