dings in gel coat, "dent" in roof

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dings in gel coat, "dent" in roof

Hi all, 

I was cleaning our scamp after our final fall camping trip and found 2 issues. Apologies if I should put these in two different posts, I can do that. Two photos below.

1. I found 3 small dings in the gel coat, probably from rocks kicked up in travel. Bummer. They go right through the gel coat. How do I address this? Ugly!

2. When I was up on the ladder washing the roof, I noticed this dip, almost a dent in the roof. We store in the garage, and this is on the driver side around the rivet. Any ideas? This is a June 2017 16-foot and I had not noticed it before. However, I only washed the roof from the ladder once prior to this one so likely just did not see it. No history of trauma, things falling on it etc. I did not see any cracks but it looks odd enough to concern me.

All advice from the experienced is welcome.

thanks, Catherine

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More than dings

I'd call that holes. Get them water proofed before you go out again. If you fill with fiberglass resin, you will need to buy much more than needed. Some one here will know the correct way to fill them, I’d use quick setting epoxy glue. It yellows as it ages. Where is the hole damage located? That looks like something metal hit it.

I also have the sags in the roof of my 2017 16’, but I have an air-conditioner up there. Yours looks like the bathroom wall was a little short and it pulled the roof down.

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Once you have the holes

Once you have the holes patched, you can sand out a little and get some color-matched gel-coat from Evelands which with a little skill and luck will make it look almost new

Yes my layout four has the same depression on the roof.  It seems to be the bathroom wall pulling down the roof a little.  Not been a problem in over two years and a few thousand miles.