Best Dang Porch Light

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Best Dang Porch Light

If anyone is looking for an easy porch light I would definitely recommend this one! It's solar so no wiring needed - I just used VHB double-stick tape for install so no holes in the fiberglass. Comes with a remote and is brighter than the sun. I put some solid white vinyl over the LEDs so they're not so blinding and it's perfect for lighting up a porch space :) Oh and it has a motion-detecting setting so you can use it for security as well 

$37 on Amazon - a solid deal! 

Pic below is with white vinyl over the light - would be significantly brighter without... 

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brighter than the sun

Some people (me) like dimmer than the moon. I need just enough light to unlock the door, no need to call bugs from miles away and blind fellow campers.

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I Agree

I agree with ac0gv!

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Porch Light

Same one I put on the alleys of our house without the remote. Woot dumped a 4 pack for $13 and now when you take out the trash at night it's like the processional of the Queen. They work really well, but would definitely need the muting for the trailer, they're bright.

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