Arrived home with the new 13 footer.

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Anthony Memoli
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Arrived home with the new 13 footer.

It was a 3,200 mile ride, from CT, to VT, through Canada down into MI and across to MN and then back again. We arrived at the factory at 8:00 am, Tues, picked up the camper and by 9:00 were on our way back. We had reservations at a local camp ground, hoping to check all the systems out, but extremely bad weather was on it's way with potential hail storms so we opted to stay ahead of it. We experienced some rain, but missed any hail storms.

A couple of questions:

1. We are camping tomorrow night and I don't know if it is ok to travel with water in the 12 gallon tank. Is it? Also, Should I fill the tank up, empty it and refill it to make sure it is clean? 

 2. The rear stabilizer jacks worked easily in the factory, but after traveling all day, some of it in the rain, we found that we could not retract them the next morning. We ended up lowering the front of the camper so we could get under the jacks and were able to push them up. I just lubricated them and the are working better. Is this typical?

13. On the left side of the door, where the cabinets are attached there is a  dimple under one snap cap where the bolt attachment is. Certainly not a big deal, but I am wondering if I remove the snap cap and loosen the bolt, can I remove the dimple? If so, is there a specific procedure for replacing the snap cap? Or, maybe I should just leave it alone!!??

When we left Eveland's, our salesman Wayne gave me an envelope full of Scamp cards and said we would want these to hand out to all the people who stopped us in our travels. He was right! We were beeped at, thumbs up signs from other vehicles, people on the street, stopped at gas and food stops by people who wanted to hear about the Scamp. I could be salesman!!

When's the next fiberglass camper event in New England??

Thanks. Anthony

Duane M. Rykhus
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I know the feeling :)

Good to here ever thing went well. This is what i did fill fresh water up small amount of bleach then empty it and refill with fresh water. We also travel with it full because we like to boon dock a lot. For other other issues Scamps are a lot like people we are all a little different. Happy Scamping !   My be we will see you on the road.     

Have Scamp will travel !

Paul O.
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Congratulations! Re. #1 - I

Congratulations! Re. #1 - I travel with about 1/4 of the fresh water tank full, just to have enough water for daytime stops along the way (especially on long trips). Re.#2 - WD40 is your friend, to lubricate all those mechanical parts and keep them from rusting. I spray the frame every year or two, it is a good undercoat (like cars). Re. #3 - not sure what you are describing. If it is a screw that is coming through some cabinetry and seems too long, just take it out, file its tip and reuse it.

Good luck.

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