Adding Thermostat

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Adding Thermostat

Our trailer is a 2000 MY 19' and I have no idea what model AC we have. It is a coleman, with controls on the front like an old window unit. Is it possible to add a thermostat to an older unit like this to get some sort of consistent temperature control? It seems like I set it to a comfortable setting and then get p four hours later and have to adjust it. Then by morning I'm either freezing or sweating depending on how poorly I adjusted it during the night. Just thought I would ask before I started trying to figure out how to blame the dog.

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Not exactly what you are

Not exactly what you are asking but for heating, I use a LUX, plug in thermostat. Plug the thermostat in, then plug the heater in. Seems it would work the same for an air conditioner, in fact, I believe the literature states for heating and air conditioning. Works quite well for the heat. Problem with the AC would be the location of the outlet, tucked away inside a cabinet. Just a thought ...


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Thermostat AC Control

There are several mods out there that are all similar to what you want to do. Mostly, they consist of wiring in a relay to the old style AC and thermostat and some wiring changes, Seems the cost will end up in the $200 range to complete.

Here’s a blog post one one mod:

YouTube Video

You can also do the Auto Fan Switch which is simpler but not total thermostat control


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