19 ft Scamp: Old Hitch vs New

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19 ft Scamp: Old Hitch vs New

When we bought our 2000 MY Scamp 19 it came with the old bed mounted hitch that looks a bit homemade, but gets the job done: two flanges that mount against the wheel arches in the bed and a heavy bar that mounts between them and is height adjustable. 

We mounted that in our 2000 F-150 and it works well. Our trailer has a 3 inch lift from when we replaced the axle last year and we have 14 inch tires on it. All good.

But now we are planning longer trips and we would like our daughter to join us so we are upgrading to a roomier 2018 F-150 SuperCrew. It is a lot fancier, even though both are work truck spec. I'm in the process of moving the hitch from the 2000 to the 2018 and I'm wondering it it is worth upgrading to the new Reese hitch. Also, it doesn't look height adjustable, so I'm wondering if it would actually be better to stick with the homemade looking unit.

Does anybody have experience going from the old hitch to the new and how they compared on ball height?

I imagine I will end up with some larger tire to compensate for the bedrail height. Not a big deal since we have the two step entry step and the lower step is near the ground now anyway.