Rat Fur Gone... What Now?

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Rat Fur Gone... What Now?

Okay, so we just bought a 1994 16' Scamp last night and have a couple of weeks to get it into working condition. I'm up for that challenge! The rat-fur and insulation is completely gone so it's bare fiberglass in some spots and painted in others. The floors seem to be in good condition except one spot under the sink which we're working on. I had planned for this quick turn-around to just do a bare bones makeover, repainting the fiberglass and then come back and add insulation later. But what do I replace it with? The door in particular needs something now because the windows, rubber seals, and door latch just don't fit right without that extra layer of padding. I've thought about cork, but I don't know about it's durability just as is... we have a dog that would go with us and I don't want her to scratch it on accident and then BAM... another fix immediately. Any ideas? I'm sure I will be a regular here because I'm a Scamp newbie! But I did scour the forums before we went on the hunt :) 

There's also a large hand-cut square hole cut out over the kitchen sink that we are hoping to put a window in. Right now there's plexi held on with screws and wing-nuts. Should we try to tackle that ourselves or should we enlist some pros? We're in a pretty RV centric area with lots of shops around, not many Scamps though that we've seen. 

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Quick fix

For the door order a new door seal from Scamp and shim the lock if necessary. That should tighten things up with the door. On the window Leave the plexiglass until you find a replacement window. The small Scamp windows are getting hard to find. Check E bay and Craigslist for a window. Good luck on your wall covering.


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Rat Fur

Sounds like you have an interesting restoration project ahead. Love to see some pics of the trailer and the issues.

One of the most difficult jobs to have to do on a Scamp restoration is if you have to replace the headliner, so you’ll need to allow plenty of time to do something in that area. Not too expensive for the materials, but choices of what you go with and which adhesive to use need to be well thought out. Getting the cuts done properly during the fitment require some planning  and care or it will run more in material. I really liked the Elephant hide in the early Scamps which is a tough vinyl like headliner. I’d google things like truck headliner, etc. to find options. The Rat Fur is a marine material and that would be a good category to look for material. I would also consider at this point adding a reflectix or insulation layer before applying the new headliner. Wasn’t done in 94 but is now, and would provide some addl insulation and noise dampening.

The door issue I’m not understanding as the headliner is just cosmetic on the door and plays no role in functionality. Door should work fine with or without rat fur.

Window should be fairly easy, but need some pics and dimensions to comment further. Scamp uses Hehr windows and it’s easy to find Hehr windows in various sizes. You possibly will need to enlarge the opening some to accommodate a standard window size.

Hows the axle, running gear, and other items? Can you get camping with some cleanup? You don’t need the headliner for camping as it doesn’t provide much help in the insulation dept.

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